About us

How did this event come about ?!

We’ll say the year 1770, oh no, that was something else, more on that later.

So we’ll go with the year 2016, a few weeks before 29.02.2016. A 30 minute event “Publish” chased the next, it was almost a haircut. A true Leap Day Marathon pattered down on us.

Garfiled72, who in turn was a little annoyed by all the short events, made a plan to change things for the next time. He noticed that the next Leap Day 29.02.2020 falls on a Saturday! If that’s not a temptation for planning something bigger?!

Thus, Carmen1603 was quickly convinced, rolled over, persuaded … who knows that already. As free as the motto, something MEGA or GIGA-moderate, that’s the idea anyway!

At first, Carmen was somewhat confused and showed him the classic middle finger. But Garfield was persistent and Carmen intervened: “Ok, you ask the well-known geocacher who has pushed you and if one says: Jens, you’re crazy, then we’ll leave it and you can forget it, ok?”.

Garfield did not hesitate to ask. So it came about that gradually with Jens and Carmen a total of 10 “jecke” Geocachers from Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis came together and searched for a topic.

And now we are writing again the year 1770, the birth year of Ludwig van Beethoven. He would celebrate his 250th birthday in 2020. It was clear where the journey was going!

After some meetings, planning and negotiations, we are proud to be here to invite you to an event of a different kind:

„Geocaching meets Beethoven“

We got our hair rustled, only this time different and somehow nicer, you can now see on the following pictures.

The conductor
📧 Jens (Garfield72)

Geocaching was initially only a term that was mentioned in the work on the side of comrades. Only a course with a loooooot of boredom in the evening brought me to deal with it more closely and on 12.06.2010 create an account.

Garfield’s attitude to food meets my taste and so the nickname was born (Groundspeak had to release me first).

Initially only sporadically, the addictive factor gradually came. The same was true for events. Initially barely noticed, they are now an integral part of weekend planning – you do not have to worry about eating 😜

When searching I have no real preferences. Only around Earthcaches I usually make a big bow. If I find a TB, I try to comply with the wishes of the owner. Hide? Yes, I am always there. Actually, I want to “hide” from every possible person. Let’s see how big our event gets. But it’s important for me: always a little bit different 😉

The first violin
📧 Carmen (Carmen1603)

“What is your name? Carmen1603? And what’s your real name? “Okay, at first I thought the cachers are big nerds. And whether I can endure it in this community for a long time? Let’s see … But thanks to two zealous Oberbergischer Cachers I got to know from Feb. 2014 in every free minute of the first months real cache highlights in NRW. And I was infected with that! It was the end of Sunday lazing in the sun or lying on the couch! And since I’ve always been a very sociable person and like to meet new people, I was always looking forward to tours with new acquaintances. A relationship with one of these nerds? NEVER! But then I found my cat Garfield72 in the woods, took him into my heart and found a new home with him.

And until now I doubted his reason: When he made it clear to me in March 2016 that he would not marry me on 29.02.20, but would gladly organize a MEGA (or even GIGA?) with others and me. Oh well, and since none of those eight who were asked said: “Jens, you’re crazy, we will not do that!”, But shaking my head enthusiastically, I became a part of this orchestra. And I have to admit that it was one of the best ideas of my “Plümos” … For the other events and dates I will wait until after this event. Right now I am really happy to celebrate with you and spend a great weekend in Bonn.

The transverse flute
📧 Melanie (Mellilie)

How it all began, or in other words, every addiction begins with a search. It was a rainy afternoon in April 2012. * EnMa * and I were invited to a birthday party of a good friend, who greeted us with the words: “I have a new hobby – geocaching. And we will do it this afternoon. For those for whom the weather is too bad, you’re welcome to stay here, and I’ll go. Needless to say, we went after him, through the forest, which was pretty muddy, up and down the slopes, looking for film canisters. But this was so much fun for us that we each opened an account in the next few days. The name was pretty clear, as it was one of my nicknames. Missed by little Felix, the son of a friend, who could not pronounce my real name, because he was only two years old at that time.

From then on * EnMa * and I went to the outdoors to look for plastic canisters and to find beautiful experiences and places to meet new people. So it happened that one evening we met the cat who told us about his idea, an event on 29th February in Bonn. It should be super huge, so his idea. We were immediately hooked and from then on were in the team.

I do not have favorite cache types. I like them all, unless I have to climb up a tree or climb and grab the plastic canisters from our kitchen cupboard.

If you are interested to learn more about my addiction, you can do so on 29th February in Bonn, as well as see whether our planned event will be mega or even gigantic. Let’s be surprised!

The harp
📧 Stefanie (Lily81)

How did I get my name? You’ll understand when you see me for the first time 😀

I got involved with geocaching through a very good marketing campaign. During a short break with Muggle friends (shout out to Harry Potter!) in Munich we (MaxPayne1973 and I) made a day trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. At the entrance to the city we were greeted by  a large poster “You can geocache with us!”. We had heard of it before … Well, back in Munich, we had downloaded the App and found on the same evening (11.04.2012) the first canister. From then on we were hooked! 😀

Generally, I like all kinds of caches as long as they are nicely hidden. I ignore those ground boxes which are to be found on the dog walkways.

However, I have a special weakness for mysteries and events. In case you need help with mysteries, you’re welcome to my small event series “Meeting of the Mystery Self-Help Group SU / BN”.

I would be delighted to welcome you to our special winter weekend in 2020!

The xylophone
📧 Anja (Dat Suppenhuhn)

How I came to geocaching? Via budgies, but that’s another story 😊. Anyway, I’ve always liked quills and so the nickname was equally clear, I just used the nickname that I held since my youth.

That “Suppenhuhn” (soup chicken), aka “Hühnchen” (chicken).

On 27.11.2008 I created my account and have cached since then. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes cozy and sometimes crazy. I like almost all kinds of caches, but I’m not a “Hanghuhn” (prefers to move around). I love Dutch Mysteries. Dutch is like German, but much funnier and friendlier 😉.

How did I get into this crazy orchestra? On 29.02.2016 I unsuspectedly went with Sunny1169 to the event of Garfield72, where we were asked if we were interested … we didn’t think twice. And if we had, it only took two minutes. And here we are! How does the story end? Come and see for yourself, we look forward to seeing you.

The trombone
📧 Sven-Martin (*EnMa*)

One Saturday afternoon in April 2012, Mellilie and I were invited to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The condition was that he wanted to go looking for a geocache in the neighboring forest. I had heard about it, so I pulled out the good shoes from deep within the closet and put them on. In the early afternoon we started on our first tour, looking forward to what to expect. Rain, mud and a lot of fun led us around the Gottes-Hülfe pond near Frechen to our first canister (we visited them a year later and then logged them properly) and the following day we both had our accounts.

Since then, we are regularly drawn outside. Go for a walk and never get bored. This is the fascinating thing about this beautiful hobby – we are always discovering new, interesting spots of our planet near and far.

I do not have a certain preference for what a tour must be. That can be anything from the simple Tradi to the elaborate multi. The main thing is to have learned something about the place or to enjoy a nice spot of nature. Sometimes I solve a mystery just because of the riddle. Of course, sharing experiences and sharing events is also part of the big picture. I have done one or two CITO / events myself and designed caches. Here I have a special preference for mystery games where I take pleasure in rewiring the synapses!

The timpani
📧 Claus (MaxPayne1973)

My geocacher nickname is MaxPayne1973, but in real life I’m called Claus and I’m the timpani in the Beethoven Orchestra. Of course I do not play any instrument, so do not worry.

On April 11, 2012 I stood in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with my wife Lily81 / Steffi in front of a large billboard, which made advertising for geocaching. Shortly thereafter the app store was scoured for geocaching. Lo and behold, there were actually caches nearby where you actually just pass by as a muggle. So the first canisters were searched and found. After that, it was clear that this would be our new hobby. The new hobby brought friends and acquaintances from the immediate vicinity and from further away, with whom one had exchanges about “What are you doing?”…as well as doggels, muggles and various great experiences. We made trips to Giga- and Mega-Event to Munich, Rügen, Berlin, etc., which continued to get us hooked.

One day some self-made Caches had to be created, such as Professor Zwariowany, Tiefental, Kartoffelkanone (“Potato Cannon”), and so on. With a lot of time in the tool cellar they were also turned into reality and released. Unfortunately, my beloved Professor Zwariowany found the end of the development area after 2 ½ years.

The year before last, Garfield72 came to us and asked us if we would be interested in hosting a mega-event on 29.02.2020. We agreed straighaway. Now I have the opportunity with my team “Caches” to live out my long-stored, confused, crafty and crazy thoughts and to realize GCmB2020 for you at this event. I look forward to seeing you at our event booth at either one or all of the events. See you soon at the next canister!

The horn (unicorn)
📧 Alexander (Sunny1169)

How I got involved with geocaching? On 02.09.2005 I had to go on a business trip with my colleague in the direction of Leipzig.

I was very surprised that he knew in advance exactly where we would make two stopovers. These were not at an expected place like a rest stop, but a bit away from the highway. He said he had to look for a Tupperware box there. What I thought at this time, I better not write here …

At the location he pushed his GARMIN GPS12 into my hand and that’s when it happened. I found the canister and I was immediately hooked. To this day, I have remained true to the GPS devices and do NOT cache with my smartphone.

Since I’m a cheerful person by nature and wake up in a good mood in the morning, my sunny nickname was a natural choice. The numbers after it…the month and year of the sunrise.

On the 29th of February 2016 I visited the “Mehl, Milch, Eier & Salz Event“ with Hühnchen and Xylophon to have a nice meal and a chat. We were approached by the current conductor and his first violin and asked if we could imagine participating in the organization of a MEGA, GIGA or similar event with a musical background. We did not have to think long.

In the orchestra, I play the horn, that is, the only horn, almost a horn, or….einHorn (“Unicorn”).

How it came to this name (🦄) ??? THAT is another story …

The double bass
📧 Gregor (Cache42Bears)

I’m doing geocaching with Michael since 2010. Together we are Cache42Bears
(pronounced: Cache for two bears).
By doing geocaching I have already visited many beautiful places on hikes
and in holidays, which I otherwise would not have seen. Especially during
city trips, some multi staged caches have proven to be true travel guides.
When I have the time, I like to solve difficult puzzle caches – when they
challenge me more than to answer twenty questions by internet research.
I am most pleased that I have found many new friends because of geocaching:
here in my hometown Sankt Augustin near Bonn and worldwide by visiting many
mega and giga events. Surely I’ve agreed to be part of the GCmB2020
orchestra … and the double bass is a perfect image of my shape! 😉

The cello
📧 Michael (Cache42Bears)

It’s been in July 2010 when relatives from Essen came to see our new home.
Why they brought such a strange device and a lot of paper, they wanted to
explain us on a walk through the city. Then suddenly a film can in a wall, a
petling in the tree, … ??? The big question of meaning had awakened,
finding it meant signing up for an account. Together with Gregor, a team
name was quickly found; I’ve always been referred to as a dancing-bear, and
because the second part of the team also fit into the format, the two bears became Cache for two Bears, or Cache42Bears. Since then, beautiful Mystery- or Multi-Caches, such as the “Die Kinder des Buchbinders” (GC68EVA), have been my passion, and since years the DailyCache has been our daily outward journey. I like to visit events, from small meeting up to Gigaevent, ‘cause I always meet interesting people and make new friends from all over the world.

Incidentally, bears do not climb that much, so climbing caches (with
equipment) tend not to be my favorites; but I like to support the climbers

When Jens, the “Dirigent” (conductor), introduced us to his plan of an
anniversary event in honor of Beethoven, I was quickly convinced that I
could do something for the geocacher world together with this team, because
the “orchestra” is very versatile. To the “Cello” I came through the context
big bear (Gregor, aka double bass) – little bear. Within our team I’m more
in charge of the technical background. But above all, I am looking forward
to meet and chat with many well known cachers and new friends from all over
the world!



Text kindly translated by Stephen O’Rourke (info -at- LearnEnglishinCologne.de).